Discovery, achievement, recognition: the year in Husker research

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Reflecting the life-changing innovation of research at Nebraska, the 2016-2017 University of Nebraska-Lincoln Research Report is now available to the public.

Assembled by Nebraska's Office of Research and Economic Development, the annual report highlights the creativity and diligence that drives the university’s research growth. This past year, research expenditures totaled $295 million.

Among other key areas, the new report focuses on early childhood, plant sciences, transportation, food and health, economic development, biomedical and veterinary and animal science at Nebraska.

"Nebraska researchers’ work is changing lives, creating new businesses, informing social policy, enlarging perceptions of the world, transforming institutions and providing students with intensive research experiences that prepare them for jobs of the future,” said Steve Goddard, interim vice chancellor for research and economic development.

Strategic hiring initiatives over the past five years have expanded the university’s expertise in high-impact areas and enhanced research infrastructure, Goddard said. Most notable, he said, is a 24 percent increase in early career tenure-track faculty since 2012.

“Great things are happening at Nebraska, and we are confident that our continued pursuit of excellence and investment in faculty will sustain this momentum,” Goddard said.

Article reprinted from:
by Steve Smith | University Communication