Club Information

The Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association provides educational and social activities for the students interested in plant pathology.

Objectives and Purpose:

  • Provides educational, leadership and extension opportunities and training outside of the classroom.
  • Stimulates interest in plant pathology among university students.
  • Fosters a spirit of cooperation and mutual helpfulness among students, faculty and staff.
  • Provides an opportunity for wider acquaintances with the general public and activities of other divisions of the American Phytopathological Society
  • Be of service to the university, department, other students, and the general public.
Membership: All undergraduate students and graduate students who are interested in plant pathology comprise the membership.
Current Club Leaders:
  • President: Abigail Borgmeier
  • Vice President: Gabriella Martens
  • Treasurer: Michael Richter
  • Secretary: Katherine LaTourrette
  • Graduate Student Assembly (GSA) Representative: Natalie Holste
  • Faculty Advisor: Richard Wilson
The first meeting of the Fall 2020 semster TBA!

plant pathology graduate student association