Extension & Outreach

Nebraska Extension’s mission is to help Nebraskans enhance their lives through researchbased education. Extension is found throughout the state in 83 county offices that serve 93 counties, and at research and extension centers at Scottsbluff, North Platte, Norfolk, and on the flagship Lincoln campus. Since its beginning, extension has delivered research-based knowledge to people through various means of technology transfer and engagement with stakeholders. Traditionally, this was done through direct teaching and publications. Today extension also uses new technologies such as pod casts, satellite delivery, Internet video streaming and various forms of electronic communications including Web-based curriculum modules to build learner relationships and link people with information of value.

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Extension Plant Pathology Personnel

Extension plant pathology personnel consist of four specialists, one extension educator and one secretary. The department head has a 0.09 FTE extension appointment. Geographically, one is located at North Platte, and the other three, along with the extension educator, are located in the department on campus. All extension plant pathology faculty (specialists and plant diagnostics educator) have statewide programming responsibility for their respective crop and diagnostic assignments. The plant diagnostics educator position was the first campus-based extension educator position and administratively answers to the department head. All extension faculty program as a team and have two program planning meetings each year to maximize their effectiveness. Interactions of all team members with the Research and Extension Centers across Nebraska allow this team to be effective statewide.