UNL Department of Plant Pathology

Solving global challenges associated with microbial interactions affecting sustainable plant productivity while training the next generation of basic and applied scientists.

Department News

October 13, 2023

Wilson’s career plans shift from dance to plant genetic research

Lauren Wilson isn’t exactly sure how she landed at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln to study agriculture, genetics and plant pathology. But she is thrilled to be here.

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August 25, 2023

Study IDs secret of stealthy invader essential to ruinous rice disease

The virulence of a rice-wrecking fungus — and deployment of ninja-like proteins that help it escape detection by muffling an immune system’s alarm bells — relies on genetic decoding quirks that could prove central to stopping it, a Husker study has found.

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August 22, 2023

Bringing Agriculture to the City

Some kids grow up on a farm and experience things like harvest season or raising a bottle calf, but not every kid has access to those experiences.

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