Courses in Plant Pathology


There are a select number of courses offered in plant pathology at the undergraduate level, as training in plant pathology is typically offered as an advanced degree at the graduate level. Interested students are encouraged to take these courses in plant pathology and also gain independent research with faculty of the Department of Plant Pathology, either through course credit or supported through a UCARE and/or IANR Undergraduate Research Award.

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Coursework is offered in plant pathology that enables students to acquire specialized skills and core plant pathology-specific knowledge. Specific skills of plant pathologists include disease diagnosis, plant pathogen isolation and culturing, and identification of plant pathogenic organisms. Core plant pathology-specific knowledge areas include the biology and ecology of plant pathogenic organisms; plant disease epidemiology; evolution, phylogentics, and systematics of plant pathogens; molecular, cellular and genetic interactions between plant pathogens and plants; and plant disease management strategies.

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