Download a Specimen Identification Form to be included with your sample submission.
Standard Test ($20.00)
  • Standard diagnosis involves examination with the aid of a microscope or other basic diagnostic tools.
  • Our diagnosticians will provide as accurate an identification as possible, using available resources.
  • We also will provide additional information and recommendations, as appropriate.
  • Every attempt will be made to return the completed Specimen Identification Form within 5 working days.

Specialized Tests

(Fees for these tests are assessed in addition to the standard fee.)

One or more of a variety of specialized tests may be required for an accurate diagnosis of a plant or pest problem. If the client has not specified the test in advance, they will be consulted before any advanced testing is performed.

Tests include:

  • Culture for Pathogen Identification (fungal and bacterial pathogens)- $10.00
  • Plant Parasitic Nematode Assay (Nematodes other than SCN)- $40.00
  • Goss's Culture (corn)- $10.00
  • Misc. Elisa Test (Specialized fungal and bacterial tests)- $10.00
  • Bacterial ID- Biolog System- $20.00
  • Virus Screen- Protein- $10.00
  • Rare Species ID- $10.00
  • Insect Culture- $10.00

Each sample should include the appropriate fee (Check or money order) made out to UNL P&PDC. The amount depends on the level of diagnosis desired as indicated in the above table.