Specialization in Plant Pathology

Graduate course requirements for both the School of Biological Sciences and the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture.

Graduate Course MS Students PhD Students
PLPT 801 Biology of Plant Pathogens 
(3 credit hours)
Required - 3 hours Required - 3 hours
PLPT 802 Ecology & Management of Plant Pathogens (3 credit hours)
Required - 3 hours Required - 3 hours
PLPT 891 Plant Disease Field Tour
(1 credit hour)
Required - 1 hour Required - 1 hour
PLPT 968 Plant Pathology Seminar
(1 credit hour)


Required - 2 hours for SBS students and 1 hour for Agronomy students

Required - 3 hours for SBS students and 2 hours for Agronomy students
Agronomy Seminar

Required - 1 hour for Agronomy students only

Required - 1 hour for Agronomy students only
ONE course from these for PhD:   Required 3-4 hours
PLPT 866 Phytopathogenic Nematodes
(3 credit hours)
PLPT 867 Plant Associated Microbes
(4 credit hours)
PLPT 963 Genetics of Host-Parasite Interaction
(3 credit hours)
PLPT 965 Plant Virology
(3 credit hours)
One Agronomy course in:
crop ecology,
breeding, plant physiology,
or soil science (3 credit hours)
Required - 3 hours for Agronomy students only Required - 3 hours for Agronomy students only
Guidance Interview During first semester During first semester

9 hours for SBS students

13-14  hours for SBS students
  12 hours for Agronomy students 16-17 hours for Agronomy students


Application forms for admission to the department are available at the Graduate Studies website.

If you have questions, please contact:
Dr. Amit Mitra 
Contact Information

Students may apply for entry into the graduate program at any time during the year. Decisions regarding program admission are made monthly, as application files are completed; however decisions regarding Departmental Graduate Research Assistantships are made twice annually, in April and November for funding beginning July 1 and January 1, respectively. In order to fairly consider all applicants for assistantships, 1 March and 1 October have been established as deadline dates. If your file is not complete by these dates it will be held and not be considered for a Departmental Graduate Research Assistant until the next funding period.

Students may be required to take the Graduate Record Exam (aptitude and advanced portion, usually biology) at their own expense before being accepted by the department. In addition, transcripts of Colleges/Universities attended, reference letters and a statement, not exceeding one type written page, of your long-term professional goals will be needed. A TOEFL exam score for students whose native language is not English is also required (550 minimum).

A few State funded Departmental Graduate Research Assistantships are available to students admitted in our department. These assistantships are granted separate from admission to the graduate program and area by the Department Head through individual faculty on a competitive basis. Many individual faculty have grant programs which also provide research assistantships and are awarded by the individual faculty investigator. Applicants may inquire directly to individual faculty about the availability of these funds. Currently our Graduate Research Assistantship stipends are $23,100 a year. The University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides individual health insurance coverage for eligible graduate assistantships. In addition, students on assistantships are granted a tuition remission for 12 credit hours per semester.

If you are particularly interested in working with a specific faculty member you may wish to contact him/her directly, or you may be contacted by individual faculty who are interested in having you as a graduate student. The establishment of this dialogue is appropriate and encouraged.

We are proud of our graduate program and hope the foregoing comments concerning our department and the University will help you reach a decision to apply to the University of Nebraska for graduate work.